CHI allows families to purchase the subjects of all grades individually. The parent or teacher may purchase and pay only for the course he desires to take. With this option, no registration fee is paid.

There are two options for paying for individual courses.

Pay the full year (10 months) of that subject.

Make payments and receive the curriculum in separate packets. Upon payment of the first three months, CHI will mail the corresponding curriculum for those months of study. To receive the second packet, months four through seven must be paid. To receive the final packet, months eight through ten must be paid.

Depending on the grade, the packet may include DVD lessons:

  • Elementary school grades include DVDs for all subjects.
  • Middle school grades include DVDs for math. The physics course also includes DVD lessons.
  • The first year of high school includes DVDs for math and chemistry.
  • The last year of high school includes DVDs for math.
To purchase curriculum or make payments through our website, please visit our Online Store.