Who can homeschool a student?

You can!

Some parents do not choose to homeschool because they fear they do not fulfill the necessary requirements. Some believe they do not have the required teaching background, others that they do not have the patience, and others are concerned about who they would contact for help in a given subject. But the only requirement for homeschooling is being willing to protect their children, help them, and learn along with them.

Parents do not need a teacher’s certification in order to homeschool. A study conducted by Dr. Brian Ray in 2009 proved that homeschooling students score between 34 and 39 percentile points higher than students who attend public or private schools. The study also concluded that this achievement and these scores were not affected by whether or not the parent had a teacher’s certification.*

With the CHI curriculum, your child will receive video instruction for each subject from teachers who are knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and who equip themselves to develop each lesson. The program will also help you grade the school year’s most important exams, assignments, and assessments. And if you come across a problem or have any questions, our staff is available by phone or email to help you.

If you have ever said that you want to give your child something better, this is your opportunity to do so. Provide your child with a better academic program in a better place. God has given parents the responsibility and privilege of watching the lives of their children bear fruit through homeschooling with their parents. Every parent can fulfill this responsibility.


* Dr. Brian Ray, Homeschool Progress Report 2009: Academic Achievement and Demographics (Salem: National Home Education Research Institute, 2009), 3.