What advantages does homeschooling have over other educational methods? Below you will find a few.


Each student is allowed to develop his own character.

Just as each home is uniquely different from other homes, so is each student is different from his peers. When parents homeschool their children, they have the opportunity of giving them individual instruction and helping them develop according to their own personalities and strengths.

Parents and students may learn and discover things together.

In each subject of study, the parents will be enabled to guide their children toward a knowledge of God’s works and His will for their lives.

Parents may choose their child’s friends and environment.

An man once said, “I still remember how my classmates killed me (because I was shy, introverted, and younger than they were), to the degree that they turned me into a lonely child.” There are bad habits in the child culture that leave permanent emotional and spiritual wounds. These can be avoided by protecting children from being with the wrong friends in the wrong environment. Homeschooling allows parents to know and choose the best friends for their children.

Children develop confidence and a feeling of security.

By studying in a secure and comfortable environment, children acquire greater confidence. They also gain the capacity to hold their own convictions and to think independently, without oppressive peer pressure.

Children develop respect and trust toward their parents.

If a child spends hours each day being instructed by an adult, he will come to trust nearly everything that the adult teaches and expresses. If the teachers are the parents, the children learn to respect and appreciate their parents as their teachers.

Moral values are developed in the home.

Homeschooling allows the cultivation of family bonding, moral values, and love, as the family spends time and works together.

Trips, travel, and vacation time can be taken when desired.

Parents do not need to plan their vacation time and travel according to the school cycle, since they have the freedom of traveling at any time of the year.

The greater part of a student’s day is not limited to interaction within a single age group.

When children only interact with people of their own age, their desire is to please their classmates, although this may many times mean displeasing their parents. With home education, children learn to relate, socialize, and interact with people of all ages.

Children can be children.

Children should have time to be children. Many students do not have this opportunity because they spend six to eight hours in school, only to return to their homes and spend three to four hours doing homework. It is a researched fact that homeschooling children spend less time studying each day, and receive a better education than those in public and private schools. In schools, time is often wasted waiting for other students, standing in lines, and waiting to receive and organize the material for each subject. Homeschooled children, on the other hand, may have more time to enjoy other activities that complement their education and development.

Students can adjust their study time to work at their own pace.

With homeschooling, each student can progress according to his own learning pace. He may work ahead, without waiting for other students who work more slowly, or he may work at a slower pace without learning gaps.

Since this is a personalized education, parents can spend more time reviewing any area that a student finds difficult, and younger children will tend to learn faster, as they are exposed to the concepts their older siblings are learning.

Parents save.

Parents save a significant amount of time and money since they will spend less on commuting to school-related activities, on the purchase uniforms or class supplies, and on extracurricular activities.

Better health is maintained.

Contagious illnesses spread easily among children who attend public or private schools. When students homeschool, the possibility of succumbing to a contagious illness is greatly decreased.