Our Vision

To equip the student with the knowledge of foundational principles, both academic and moral, that will allow him to develop a lifestyle characterized by the judgments, actions, and eloquence of a wise and upright person.

Our Purpose

CHI’s purpose is to help parents give their children a well-rounded education. This study system provides academic instruction, cultivates principles of integrity, and directs students to activities that nurture moral values and family relations.

The Christian Perspective

CHI’s curriculum, in Spanish, is taught from a Christian perspective. That means that we teach with the mentality that Jesus Christ must be the center and purpose of the study program. We recognize that in a world that was created by God, all truth and all true knowledge come from the Creator. We also know that this Creator allows us to learn through the world He created, and that a true search for truth, with His guidance, will lead us to a greater knowledge of Him.

Our desire is that, through the CHI course of study, each student would come to know Jesus in such a way that he may encourage and help others to do the same.