Many years ago, Hebron Ministry International’s president, Pastor Marvin Byers, understood that the Bible teaches that God has given parents the privilege and responsibility of personally educating their children.


With this understanding and teaching, there arose a need for a homeschooling curriculum in Spanish that took students from kindergarten through high school. The program needed to be a tool that enabled parents to homeschool their children, a systematic method with academic excellence that provided instruction for each grade and subject, and, more importantly, a means through which the material could be taught from a Christian perspective.

The effort of developing and using such a program began in Guatemala, and its use quickly extended to other countries.

The main purpose of this program is to offer parents in Latin America a tool to direct their children toward Christ. Students are presented with the wisdom that men have acquired through the ages, from a Christian perspective. They are also given tools that will enable them to make the right decisions in the future. The lessons have been developed for years, by a group of experienced teachers and are available for the Latin American grades equivalent to kindergarten, middle school and high school.

CHI hopes to continue blessing new generations, so that they might know God and bless others.