Below you will find information about registration and enrollment. Costs are listed in U.S. dollars.

How do I purchase and receive my material?

Pay both fees. After paying the registration cost and the annual fee for the curriculum, you will receive the full curriculum packet. If you purchase the first three months, you will receive the months for which you paid. To receive the second packet, which includes months four through seven, you must pay for those months. And finally, you must pay for months eight through ten before receiving those.

CHI will send your curriculum. CHI offers to ship the curriculum with the fastest and most secure option that the buyer has selected. The shipping cost includes a mailing insurance. CHI takes responsibility for damaged packages.

Receive your material. The fee you paid in Step 1, above, covers the costs of textbooks, DVDs, study guides, exams, exercise answers, and solutions.


How much does a year of curriculum cost?

To calculate the cost of a full year of study, add the registration fee to the curriculum fee. The costs include tuition and the full printed curriculum (textbooks, DVDs, study guides, exams, exam answers, keys, and solutions). From kindergarten through sixth grade, lectures are provided for the core courses.

Registration Costs

The registration fee is a required fee for all students in the school year:

  • New students must pay the registration fee and the first three months in advance.
  • Online students must pay the registration cost and the first month.


Annual Registration Fee Price
First Student $78.00 USD
Second Student Onward $60.00 USD


Cost of Printed Curriculum

The curriculum fee may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year, or in payments throughout the school year. If you would like to know the cost of a particular grade, please visit the Online Store.

Some courses may be added to the school year at an additional cost.

  • English. There are eleven levels of English that may be purchased at an additional cost.
  • Computer Science for Middle and High School. These have an additional annual cost. This course is backed by ETC IBEROAMÉRICA.


Is there a discount for parents who enroll more than one student?

Discounts for printed curriculum:

  • All students from the second student onward, of the same family, will receive a 10% discount.
  • Students who use their siblings’ DVDs will receive a 20% discount.

Discounts for monthly fees for curriculum through E-Learning:

  • The second student registered from the same family will receive a 20% discount on the monthly fee.
  • The third student onward, from the same family, will receive a 25% discount on the monthly fee.


To purchase school curriculum through our website, please visit the Online Store.