Playing an instrument is a common interest in children and youth. Nevertheless, many people are not aware of all that is involved in this activity.

The three music courses offered in secondary school, introduce the fascinating world of music to the student. We will examine the historical periods of music (ancient, medieval, baroque, classic, romantic, and 20th century). Through this study we will also define the main elements of music: the staff, keys, notes, symbols, measures, intervals, scales (major and minor), triads, ornaments, and mordents. We will also study musical instruments such as the harpsicord, clavichord, oboe, English horn, tuba, bagpipes, bassoon, and the guitar.

The student will have the opportunity of learning more about some of the most common references we have to music: an orchestra, opera, carols, madrigals, oratorios, lieds, and chorales. Finally, we will study famous musicians such as Haydn, Bellini, Bizet, Donizetti, Offenbach, Rossini, Cesti, Corelli, Hector, Villa-Lobos, Albeniz, and Mozart.

We invite both students and parents to explore the fantastic and great world of music. These units of study will enable students to develop their musical abilities or begin to learn an instrument to minister and glorify our Creator.