Chemistry is a branch of knowledge that studies the particular behavior of each element in nature. We can observe trees, birds, animals, and even batteries, and, with those observations, draw conclusions and identify their general structure. But an endless number of things occur inside each lifeless or live body such as reactions, attractions, repulsions, unions, mixes, restructurings, links, etc. Some things are impossible to touch or observe, but we can perceive their effects.

In each unit of study, we will examine the definition of matter, the different ways of measuring the properties of matter, significant figures, scientific notation, density, the physical states of matter, elements, compounds, atom structure, subatomic particles (protons, electrons, neutrons, and nucleus) the distribution of electrons, the periodic table, the classification of elements, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and solutions.

Studying the created world gives us one more reason to give glory to our God Almighty and to wonder at His unspeakable work, in which, from the smallest to the greatest, His majesty and mercy are manifest.