This course is offered in the early grades. By first grade, it is taken jointly with Bible lessons. By second grade it is a separate course.

As Christians, it is important to be able to consider the world that surrounds us and to identify the wonders created by our God in such a way that God’s power and greatness become more tangible to us. Fundamental to a child’s spiritual walk and growth is allowing the student to discover the world around him. Knowing God’s unlimited creating power, and His creativity and majesty will help the student more firmly develop his trust in God and in His ways.

In these courses, we will study the days of creation and what God created on each one: heaven, earth, and what is contained in them. We will also study rocks, water, air, plants, seeds, fruit, vegetables, the sun, the moon, weather, seasons, birds, fish, insects, and parts of the human body. We will also learn about family, some careers or occupations, and the different means of transportation in society. There will be teaching on biblical truths that apply to the course content.

The purpose of this course is that parents, along with their children, may be built up and that each lesson may be for our God’s eternal glory. We hope that the course will be an opportunity to set the foundation in our children’s hearts for the faithful and firm testimony of the reality of our Lord.