Do science and God agree? Can the study of physics confirm biblical truths? Yes! In these high school physics courses, we will develop our course of study based on our understanding of the beginning: “God’s scientists: God’s men.” Based on this mentality, we will find the evident agreement between God’s creation and physics, since true science supports what God established from the beginning as the ordering of the natural.

These courses will be a friendly presentation of physics and its simple application to daily life facts. We will study some problems of distance, replacement, velocities, projectile launching, forces over bodies, equilibrium, sound interference, laser light, color, radiation, magnets, electrically-charged objects, electric generators, torsion, balance, levers, pulleys, center of gravity, work, potential, energy, energy conservation, impulse, momentum, collisions, circular motion, satellites, Kepler’s law, angular shifts, rotation, displacement, simple machines, spring movement, and the laws and generalities of solids, liquids, and gasses.

Physics is much nearer to us than what we think. Studying it will allow us to develop observation and research in our personal life.