There is a single source of true wisdom: God himself. Nevertheless, other lines of thinking have been invented throughout human history. These have led people to deceit and error. From the beginning, due to man’s rebellion against God’s perfect plan of choosing the best for man, humans have contrived different forms of thinking that describe, according to their convenience, their surroundings, their past, present, and even their future. The analysis of these ideas, which has occupied humanity, is covered in the study of philosophy. Throughout this high school course, we will examine many of the lines of thinking included in philosophy, in light of Scripture.

In these units, we will cover the lines of thinking from the ancient world, Middle East, China, Greece, and Rome. We will also evaluate the philosophic lines that marked the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the modern age.

Rather than be unaware of the false ways of thinking that have spread within society, we can receive tools that give us security and clear arguments that reveal how false they are. Equipping our youth to confront various questions that they may have never considered, and to answer according to Truth is fundamental, especially considering the forces of deceit with which our young people are confronted in this age.