Managing money or goods, and the wise stewardship of them are areas of great importance before the eyes of the Lord in our daily lives. For this reason, it is important to teach a basic understanding about managing resources, early in life.

In the accounting courses, we will study the fundamental concepts within and without the financial and commercial worlds. We will present the concepts of assets, budgets, income, expenses, commerce, bank accounts, receipts, bills, ledgers, credits, bills of exchange, orders of payment, debit cards, inventory books, general ledgers, cashbooks, subledgers, current account ledgers, stock ledgers, purchase and sales ledgers, payroll, balances, statements, and more.

We hope that this course will help students receive a greater awareness of what using money involves in their surroundings and in their own homes, and of the importance of considering key points and concepts to help them have a proper control and expenditure of the provision received from God.