In these middle school courses, we will study the key concepts related to computers.

We will begin this study with a brief introduction to the history of computers: pioneers like Napier, Pascal, and Leibniz, among others; previous devices used before computers, such as the abacus, and the different versions of computers created in specific generations. Afterwards, we will define the concept of the computer, learn which kinds exist currently, and learn about their components—hardware and software. Through this course of study we will also see different operating systems that can be found on a computer, and we will learn (according to its common use) about Windows XP, presenting its general uses and configuration. We will continue with the concepts of information networks, the Internet and its appropriate use, and a basic understanding on the usage of Word and PowerPoint.

This course is intended to provide the student with a theoretical and practical guide to using and understanding the basic functions of a computer, considering that this is currently a tool of great importance. However, it will also seek to give the student an understanding of how much care must be given as to its usage so that it does not become a means of destroying his spiritual life.