Merriam-Webster defines penmanship as someone’s style or quality of writing. We also see it as an art in which letters are formed attractively and correctly in accordance with a specific style.

Many students encounter difficulty in writing due to a lack of good writing habits that allow the student to form clear and visually pleasing letters. For this reason, CHI has designed a full penmanship program for the six years of elementary school, as a support for the student.

The textbooks hold a series of practical exercises intended to teach the correct tracing of letters, the spacing required between each one, their size, and their proportions. These concepts are presented to the students through interesting applications such as Scriptural quotes, names of biblical characters, spelling rules, and topics learned in their social studies and science lessons.

Beginning this course at an early age and practicing appropriately will help so that penmanship will not become an obstacle but an advantage that will ease the learning process.