After centuries of scientific investigation, results point toward the reality of a Creator. Nevertheless, throughout history, man has chosen to deny the Truth and has dedicated his life to one of the greatest contradictions of falsely called science: evolution. When studying living beings, their conduct, order, and structure, contrary to what evolutionists argue, divine intervention in creation is demonstrated with precision. But, how can we see this? With the help of biology and its amazing findings and conclusions, we will come to know, more deeply, about living creatures and their conduct that follows the laws determined by God from the beginning.

Our study begins with the scientific method, and the errors of evolution. Following this, we will study the cell, genetics, humans, plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and other living creatures, along with their internal structures: their tissues, organs, and systems. This course, offered in the last year of high school, will be an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the perfect order established by God in the world, and to be able to confidently confront the false ideas that have been spread for many years in society.