The curriculum is designed so that the student may learn to work independently, although always under adult supervision.

The lessons are divided into ten months of study, which allows for better planning of time and division of objectives. The study packet may be purchased through the online store and received by mail. The parent or teacher should supervise each activity and send exam reports to CHI. For more information, see Assessment System.

Each package includes the following:

  • Textbooks: These include explanations, examples, photos, and diagrams.
  • Study Guides*: Each month of study has an average of fifteen study guides. Not only do these divide the material into lessons, but they also include each lesson’s objectives, explanations of skills to be developed, the methods to be used, the attitudes to be observed, and the steps to be followed in each assignment or exercise. In the final years of elementary school, the study guides are directed to the students so that they themselves may be responsible for their own course of study.
  • Exams*: These test students on the course content and are used to assess the student’s progress. The exams also include parent keys and answers.
  • Answer Keys: These are available for math, language (Spanish), chemistry, statistics, physics, computer science, accounting, and English.
  • Videos: These are available from kindergarten to sixth grade for the four core courses and for some middle and high school subjects in which the teacher gives course lectures.

* These will be made available to parents through the Internet.