Homeschooling is an educational method in which parents take responsibility for their children’s education and provide academic instruction in their own homes. CHI makes this possible by providing video lessons and a full curriculum from kindergarten through high school, allowing parents to supervise their child’s schooling. With this program, the parent is involved in his child’s education, keeps up to date with the child’s achievement, and progresses at the child’s pace, whether the student is a faster worker or requires more time to analyze concepts.

How does CHI’s program work?

See sample lessons and textbook pages. To watch lesson demos click here. To see sample textbook pages in PDF format, click here.
Register your child and pay the tuition and registration fees. There are several payment options available and a discount for enrolling more than one student. You may also contact us to learn whether or not your student qualifies for a CHI scholarship.
Receive or access the videos and textbooks for your student’s grade level.
Read and follow the instructions provided to monitor and assess your child’s progress.