Has homeschooling really worked for parents who have chosen various methods?

What does research show?

According to the most recent study on homeschooling, conducted by Dr. Brian Ray in 2009, the number of U.S. homeschoolers has increased in recent years, due to evidence indicating that homeschooling is an excellent method of education. Consider the following points:

It is estimated that in the U.S., alone, there are currently around 2 million homeschooling students.
Dr. Ray’s research found that homeschooling students scored an average of 89 percentile points on national standardized exams. Students in private or public schools averaged 50 points on the same exams.
Research results concluded that the social and economic background of the parents did not significantly affect the achievement scores of their children in standardized tests.

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What does history show?

Thomas Alva Edison was a scientist and inventor who obtained more than a thousand patents for inventions such as the electric lightbulb, electric generators, transmission lines, and converters, necessary to bring electric light to the entire world and to operate his many inventions. He also founded the General Electric Company. During his childhood, his teacher believed he was too slow to follow the pace of the rest of his classmates and refused to continue to teach him. His mother then decided to homeschool him from the third grade onward.
Wilbur and Orville Wright, were two brothers who were aviation pioneers and also the first to undertake a flight. Because their mother homeschooled them, they were able to develop their interests and conduct experiments.
Florence Nightingale, an Englishwoman who was homeschooled, felt a call to nursing. After pursuing her studies, she helped in the Crimean War and implemented regulations that reduced the mortality rate from 42% to 2%. She later became cofounder of the Women’s Medical College.