Admission Requirements

    1. Applicants must be born again through a personal experience with Jesus Christ, and have a good testimony from their spiritual leaders.
    2. Must be at least 20 years of age.
    3. One must have memorized the names of the books of the Bible in order, and have read the entire Bible at least once.
    4. If one’s pastor is under the covering of Hebron Ministries, one must have his recommendation and full approval sent to HMI in a confidential letter.  If one’s pastor is not from Hebron and does not desire to send this letter to HMI, then along with his application, one must send an explanation stating why his pastor is not willing to fulfill this requirement.  HMI will decide accordingly.
If you would like to download an electronic copy of this letter, please click on: Letter from pastor
    1. One must fill out and send an application (with a recent photo) to be considered by the Administrative Board.
If you would like to download an electronic copy of this application form, please click on: HMI application form

If you would like to know more about the regular costs of studying at HMI, please click on: Plan Types

Additional Requirements for an application as an resident student

As well as the previous requirements, if one desires to enroll as a resident student (an intern) one must fulfill the following additional requirements:

    1. For the last two years of his or her high school education, the applicant must have homeschooled, and not have attended a private or public school.  If an applicant does not fulfill this requirement, he may still be accepted if he is 22 years old or older, as long as he has the approval and recommendation of his pastor.
    2. One must be involved and faithful in some area in his local church.  The area must be specified in the application and in the information that his pastor sends in the confidential letter.

Hebron Ministerial Institute and Local Churches

HMI recognizes that God has ordained the establishment of local churches, and that He loves, honors and protects them.  God’s blessing will be upon those who seek the well-being and edification of their local church.  Therefore, Hebron respects and honors the local church and its pastor, and will not usurp any pastor’s authority over the students whom they send to the institute.  Hebron was formed to train and prepare leaders who will submit to their local church, and who will lay down their lives to edify it.  Because of this, it is required for the pastor of each applicant to sign the application for his admission to HMI.  Furthermore, after their two years of study, HMI insists that every student return to his local church unless that student’s pastor feels that he should be used in another area of the Lord’s work. If you wish to obtain more information or an application form, please contact us.