Teachers of HMI

The teachers of HMI courses are ministers from diverse denominational backgrounds who are not brought together by denominational ties. Rather, their conviction is that teachers ordained by God and anointed by the Spirit have been given to the universal Body of Christ, and not only to their own denominations. These men are servants who have manifested Christ’s ministry in and through their lives in their particular areas, and they also have something from God to offer to the entire Body of Christ.

We believe that the teachings of these ministers will be an eternal blessing for those who desire to extend their spiritual borders beyond the confines of their own sector in the Body of Christ, and who are willing to open their hearts to the truth found in the rest of the Body. Those who teach the courses are men who have received a love for the truth of the Word of God. Sooner or later, a sincere longing for truth will lead each of us to the altar where prejudices and dogmas are sacrificed so that we may receive the thoughts of God’s heart. The teachers of HMI have experienced that altar and its fire in their own lives.

Marvin Byers

Pastor Marvin Byers was born again in 1949. He studied Chemistry at the University of Michigan from 1962 to 1966. He then attended Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York, along with his wife. In 1972, they traveled to the Philippines as missionaries, where Pastor Marvin taught at a Bible School for three years. After this, he ministered in New York for two years before moving to Guatemala, where he has ministered since 1978. The Byers lived in Israel for two and a half years. Currently, Pastor Marvin is the president of Hebron Ministries and pastors Hebron Church in Guatemala, Central America. He also travels to different countries along with his wife to give seminars to many who are hungry for God.



Barbara Byers

Sister Barbara Byers was born again in 1946. From her childhood, she had precious encounters with the Lord. When she finished secondary school, she prepared to become an elementary school teacher and taught children for a year. In 1961 she attended Eastern Bible Institute in Pennsylvania for a year. After this, she worked as an executive secretary at the University of Michigan. During that time, she met her husband, Marvin Byers. They were married in 1965 and moved to New York in 1966 to study at Elim Bible Institute for three years. She has served the Lord faithfully alongside her husband for over 40 years.



David Machado

In 1986, Pastor David Machado had an encounter with the Lord that revolutionised his life forever. From this moment, he knew with certainty that his calling in life was to dedicate himself full time to the Kingdom of God. He has studies in Judicial and Social Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. In 1995 he graduated from Hebron Ministerial Institute, and in 1996, he and his wife Elizabeth, moved to Israel and lived there for a time. In 2001, he moved to the United States where he pastored a church in New Orleans for four years, and in 2005, he pastored Hebron Christian Church in Los Angeles, California, for seven and a half years. He is currently the Director of Hebron Ministerial Institute and the Senior Pastor of Hebron Christian Church in Guatemala, Central America.



Juan Carlos Morales

Pastor Juan Carlos Morales was the director of Hebron Ministerial Institute for 15 years (1997–2012) and ministered for several years as an associate pastor of Hebron Church in Guatemala, Central America. He finished his studies in Industrial Engineering in 1985, and studied system programming and analysis in IBM. He came to know the Lord in 1978 and began to attend Hebron Christian Church in Guatemala in 1986. He and his wife Claudia are parents to three children. They graduated from Hebron Ministerial Institute in 1994 and have been serving the Lord in the ministry to which He called them since 1994. Currently, he pastors Hebron Christian Church in Los Angeles, California.



Jerry Alway

Pastor Jerry Alway came to know Jesus Christ in 1976. After this, he studied in a Bible School in Detroit, Michigan. In 1982, he was elected class president while he studied at Faith School of Theology in Charleston, Maine, and in 1983, he participated in two Billy Graham campaigns. In 1987, he attended Zion Bible Institute in Waverly, New York, and in 1988 he married his wife Hanna. A year later, they moved to Guatemala as missionaries. In 1999, pastor Jerry and his family opened Grace Tabernacle Church in Virginia, U.S.A, which they have pastored since then. Currently, he also ministers by teaching and traveling through North, Central, and South America, as well as Africa. With his family’s help and support, he has ministered in 18 countries.



Javier Lobos

Pastor Javier Lobos came to know the Lord as a teenager in 1978. After having finished his studies at Hebron Ministerial Institute in 1987, he served in Hebron Church in Guatemala City. In 1994, he moved to Ecuador with his family, where he pastored Beth-Sion Church in the city of Ambato, and supervised the other six churches of Hebron Ministries in this country, besides establishing four Bible institutes. In January 2008, he moved to the United States, where he pastors a church under Hebron’s covering in the city of Dallas, Texas. He and his wife, Cheré, have been married for 21 years and are parents to four children. Brother Javier Lobos is a member of the Hebron Ministries International Board.



Peter Don Donaldson

The son of pastoring parents, brother Don Donaldson surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ in 1955, in an evangelism campaign in his parents’ church. He studied at the university and theological seminary in Asbury, Kentucky, until 1964. Since 1957, he has been ministering in evangelism, and working in evangelism campaigns in churches, auditoriums, schools, and outdoor tents. In 1969, in Guatemala, he began serving with a pilot ministry, flying planes through all Central America, and for four years, in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. Currently, he lives in Antigua, Guatemala. He has served in Hebron Church since 1990. Brother Don is a member of the Hebron Ministries International Board.



Eliazar Alonso

Pastor Eliazar Alonso came to know the Lord at age 12. He comes from a Christian family. From a young age, he participated in the music and local choir of the church. In 1973, he was named president of the youth alliance in Mexico City, in which he served for six years. In 1987, the Lord led him to Guatemala, along with his family, to study at Hebron Ministerial Institute. After graduating, they served as directors of the Hebron Choir and in other areas in Hebron Church in Guatemala. Since 2008, he has been pastoring León de Judá Church in Mexico City, under the covering of Hebron Ministries.



Oscar Ríos

Pastor Oscar Ríos was born again in 1983. He graduated as an industrial engineer in 1985, and along with his wife, he graduated from Hebron Ministerial Institute in 1989. He has been a pastor for 25 years for different churches under the covering of Hebron in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Columbia. Currently, he pastors a local church in Medellín, Colombia, and five other ministry fields in other regions of the country.



Juan Domingo Alurralde

Pastor Juan Domingo Alurralde was born again during his final year of high school. For ten years, he worked as full time coordinator for Campus Crusade for Christ in Bolivia and Mexico. There he met his wife, Adolfina, and they were married in 1982. Partway through 1990, they enrolled as students in Hebron Ministerial Institute and graduated in 1992. They pastored a church in the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico for nine years. For over 10 years, they have been pastoring Iglesia Cristiana Beatnik (Bethany Christian Church) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.