Plans Offered

To study at HMI one of the following plans may be chosen:


This plan is for students who live either in or close to Guatemala City and can commute to classes daily.  Non-resident students live at home and only attend HMI during class times.

Non-resident plan costs

  • US $30.00 for annual enrollment
  • US $40.00 per month (during months of study)

If a couple living outside of Guatemala City wishes to study at HMI, and has the financial means to move to the city and support themselves during the two-year period, Hebron can assist them in finding a rental home to live in.  Financial aid is available in some circumstances (see Scholarship Program).


This plan is for single students who will live on campus during their period of study.  Although Hebron also accepts students who live within Guatemala City as resident students, this plan is ideal for students who are from cities outside of the capital or who come from other countries.

Resident plan costs

  • Two registration payments (includes insurance for personal accidents), which must be paid at the beginning of each semester: First semester: US $80 and Second semester: US $50
  • US $260.00 for monthly tuition (during months of study).
  • Fifteen afternoon work hours per week during the period of study. Work time after classes is considered an important complement to each student’s training.
These costs include tuition and room and board. Since the prices are given at a rate that is considerably lower than the cost of living, students are required to work a certain number of hours each week during the school year.

To learn about our scholarship options please click here: Scholarship Program..