A Vision Concerning Guatemala

During Bro. Marvin’s visit to Guatemala in 1977, the Lord called him to move to Guatemala and share His word with hungry souls in Latin America. This call was confirmed through a series of signs and miracles, and later through a vision.

In the vision that Bro. Marvin had, God revealed part of the future for His Church in Guatemala. The Lord will visit Guatemala in such a great way that the nations of the world will be moved when they hear of the presence of God that dwells in the midst His people and the wonders He does. Christ will reveal an abundance of peace and truth to His people, and churches will experience a powerful visitation from the Lord. God’s fire and glory will be seen in His people in a literal way just as it was seen in Moses’ life after spending 40 days and 40 nights in God’s presence. This visitation will be so glorious that multitudes will know that there is still a God who walks in the midst of His people. Everyone with a sincere and honest heart who hears of this visitation will be drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

After seeing these things in a vision, the Lord gave Bro. Marvin a Scripture that confirmed every detail: Jeremiah 33. Obviously, this chapter is a revelation of the glory that the Lord will reveal to His people, Israel. However, in His great mercy, the Lord has chosen to do something very similar in Guatemala as well. Part of God’s reason for doing this may very well be linked to the fact that Guatemala made a crucial vote in the United Nations Resolution of 1947 which allowed the nation of Israel to be formed again.

All of us need to prepare ourselves in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Only then can we be faithful channels of God’s word that will burn in the hearts of the multitudes. May not even one grain be lost of the great harvest that God will soon give to His prepared and consecrated people.