The Beginning of the Church in Guatemala

In 1977, Pastor Marvin Byers received an invitation to minister for a few days in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was at this time that the Lord planted a seed in his heart; which would later lead him to found Hebron Church in Guatemala.

At that time, he was an ordained minister with Elim Fellowship in Lima, New York. He became part of that organization due to his love and respect for Bro. I. Q. Spencer, the founder of the Bible school and the Elim Fellowship of churches. Bro. Marvin was greatly influenced by Bro. Spencer during his studies at Elim Bible Institute (1966-1969), especially during several visits to Bro. Spencer’s home where he had the privilege of having fellowship with him.

Bro. Spencer was a man who had met the Lord in a mighty way during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon hungry hearts in the early 1900s. He had a vision for the entire Body of Christ, not for forming another denomination. This vision would later play an important role in how Hebron Ministries would be founded and how it would function.