Tools available to Coaches

Download all the tools here:
1. Study Guide (2019)
2. Flashcards (2019) 
3. Memorization Awards (2019)
4. Rulebook Addendums (2019)
5. Rulebook Clarifications (2019)
6. Requirements for Nationals for Non-Participants (2019)

The quizzers compete in teams which are formed as follows:

    • A head coach
    • An assistant coach (optional)
    • One to three participants eligible to quiz
    • In the league meets and league final, one substitute is permitted.
    • In the National Final it is permitted to have up to three substitutes.

Each participant must memorize Proverbs chapters 1 to 11. Furthermore, each church should have periodic practices with each team, where the team, with the help of its coach, can seek to better their skills to respond to each question.

To benefit the personal or group study, we provide some tools that will help in their practices.

Study Guide 

Download Proverbs chapters 1 to 11. This text also includes: chapter analysis, omitted and unique words, concordance, and memorization awards. To download this document, click here. 


It is important to memorize each verse and its reference (verse number) in the Bible. To do so, it is recommended to study with flashcards that have each verse and its number. If you desire to obtain a sample of these flashcards, click here. 

Modifications or Addendums to the Rulebook

Some modifications and important clarifications have been made to the rulebook. This is an official document that the ABQ, TBQ, and NBQ quizzers should keep with the rulebook, and can use to support their contests. This document of modifications compiles additional requirements other than those mentioned in the official rulebook. For the latest edition, click the following link to download these documents.

Clarifications to the Rulebook

This is an official document that contains questions and answers regarding situations that are not clarified or not mentioned in the rulebook. The document of clarifications should be kept together with the rulebook and can be used for contests.

Qualifications or Requirements for Nationals 

This is an official document that contains the information on the requirements for attending the Bible Quiz National Final "Fun Days."