Tools available for Officials

    Download all the tools here:

    1. Sample Test 

    2. Rulebook Addendums (2019)

    3. Requirements for Nationals for Non-Participants (2019)

    4. JBQ Study Guide (2019)

During the competitions (league meets and finals), the officials have an extremely important role, for they are the ones who lead the meets and judge question completions, answers and results of each game. They bear upon themselves great responsibilities, and therefore are selected carefully by the pastor of each congregation, who considers their testimony in the church and their impartiality when judging. 

The officials also have the opportunity to make an effort, alongside the quizzers, to win memorization prizes. By participating in memorization, the officials can look forward to the blessing of knowing God through His word, of having a greater understanding in order to judge or train the quizzers for the meets, and of giving greater encouragement to those who need it.

In a usual game of Bible Quiz, there are three different jobs.

  • The Quizmaster: The quizmaster supervises the match, reads the questions, gives the initial judgment for each answer, reports fouls, grants time outs, and is the main voice in the meet.
  • Scorekeeper: Keeps each quizzer and team score and a record of fouls, correct and incorrect answers, contests, and time outs. The scorekeeper also has the responsibility of keeping track of questions and answers and functions as a judge.
  • Timekeeper: Supervises the time for each question, answer, contest, and time out. The timekeeper also serves as a judge.

If you are interested in supporting your church as an official in Bible Quiz, and you have the approval of your pastor, we encourage you to study the rulebook and take a written test that will qualify you to become an official. Click on the following link and see a model test with its respective answers.

Sample test

Serving as a Bible Quiz official is an opportunity to serve God and His Body. By dedicating time and effort in this area, each official is investing in Christ’s Kingdom and in the lives of the quizzers. As the officials work with the Bible Quiz material, have fellowship with other participants, and express words of encouragement, their lives are blessed as they bless others.

The following tools complement the official rulebook and have been provided to help the officials judge in as fair a manner as possible: 

Rulebook Addendums  is an official document that every official, coach, and quizzer should keep together with their rulebook, as it can be used to support contests. This documents of modifications complies additional requirements other than those mentioned in the official rulebook.