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Regular Expenses

The Hebron Ministries Bible Quiz program would not be possible without God’s provision through people like you. Below are some areas in which our donors have invested.


Regular quiz practices, regional league meets, and national final tournaments require the use of certain material and equipment. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Study guides, including expenses for the writing, editing, publishing, and distribution processes
  • Competition question sets, including expenses for the writing, editing, publishing and printing processes
  • Quiz box equipment with buzzers
  • Scorekeeping software, including expenses for its development and distribution


In the U.S., competitions take place in three main regions: East Coast, West Coast, and Central. Because quizzers, regardless of where they live, compete in two main events to determine whether or not they will qualify for the National Final competition, they must travel to a central location to compete against the other teams in their region. The church hosting each event must rent a large facility with a minimum of ten rooms to accommodate the quiz teams.


Travel to both regional competitions and the National Final tournament requires many expenses, including transportation to and from each event, and food and lodging costs during the events.

Average Cost per Quizzer

When averaging the costs incurred by each quizzer in equipment, facilities, and travel, the expenses for the 2015 Bible Quiz season rounded off to at least $85,000. This would average out to $400 per quizzer for a single Bible Quiz season. 

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