Memorizing has been a great blessing to my life. I have had encounters and visitations that the Lord has granted me.

   The book of John is full of things that encourage us by realizing that we are instruments in God’s hands.

   John 9 speaks of the blind man and many ask themselves: Why was this man born blind? Sometimes we feel blind, lame, deaf or mute spiritually and we are discouraged. What we do not know is that behind all this, our Father, is waiting for the right moment for His works to be manifested in us and for the name of the Lord to be exalted.

   In this new book of Hebrews, we have been very encouraged, knowing that if the Lord did something great in our lives with John, He will also do so with Hebrews.

   While in my room, in the sun, after having met with the Lord in the intimacy of my room, I lay down to rest while the sun heated my body.

   In a moment, the sun was gone, and I said to the Lord: Father don’t take the sun, you know that I like to receive it. Suddenly, I felt from the Lord to recite what I had memorized...and it happened! The sun returned immediately. That broke my heart, however, I did not even know if it was really the Lord, or if it was just a coincidence, so I stood and stopped reciting and the sun stopped, the clouds covered it, and when I began to recite again, the sun came back out.

   God longs to have communion with us, we just must seek him, long for His presence, and everything else shall be added.

Luis Zapata.
Age: 15
The Old Path Christian Church