Since Bible Quiz began, I noticed that it was difficult for me to memorize even one verse; however I continued to try, without obtaining any results.

   A little while ago, we had a competition and I felt very nervous because I did not have much to offer my team, because I had already forgotten what little I had learned.

   That night, I went to seek the Lord in prayer and I pleaded with Him that He might help me memorize, I was not able to do it alone. When I finished praying I lay down and began to dream that John was repeated to me an innumerable amount of times.

   The next day, when I woke up, I took my Bible and opened it to John 15. When I finished reading the whole chapter, I noticed that I could repeat it. The Lord did this miracle, and I give glory and honor to Him.

Laura Correa González
Age: 15
TBQ Quizzer, Berea Group.
The Refuge Christian Church, Medellín, Colombia.