The Blessing of Bible Quiz and Fasting

    I want to thank God and our pastors for having directed Hebron Ministries to memorize verses through Bible Quiz. The blessing of this was very evident to me during a practice for JBQ (the children’s category).

    We had a marathon of reciting verses, and a little girl could answer 200 consecutive questions from the guide without making a mistake. The officials stopped, not because she had made a mistake, but because there was no more time! At that moment, I could see more clearly that the Lord is doing something through Bible Quiz. For the children it has to do with competing and playing, but the Word is being written upon their minds in an impressive way.

    Some students with greater endurance study up to three hours daily. When a temptation comes, my prayer is that they, as the Lord Jesus, might draw their sword and say, “Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written...”

    We are also thankful that Brother Vagn Rasmusen came. My wife Kathia and I have been fasting, and it has been a blessing for our lives. God does things in our hearts through fasting that cannot not be achieved any other way. I understood what Christ says to His disciples in Matthew 17:21: “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” The Lord wants to take the “unbelief” out of our lives. We have been a faithless people, and God sent us that good man, who came with the faith of a child to show us what fasting can cause.

Juan Pablo Leonardo

Hebron Church, Guatemala