Important announcements

We are excited to announce that, this year, Bible Quiz coordinators, officials, and coaches are invited to memorize along with the quizzers. Four of the Memorization Awards are also available to them: JBQ Memorization Award, TBQ/ABQ Memorization Award, TBQ/ABQ 2nd Place Master Memorization Award, and TBQ/ABQ 1st Place Master Memorization Award.

We are thankful for the sacrifice that they make in order to help make Bible Quiz possible—we know that many would prefer to be memorizing and quizzing. We would like to encourage them to be a part of this year’s memorization as memorizing the Scripture will not only greatly bless their own lives, but will also be an encouragement to the children, youth, and adults who they work with. When coordinators, officials, and coaches choose to get involved in this way, they will not only be setting an example for others to follow, but they will also be more supportive of the quizzers, and they will be a greater blessing in the area where they’ve been placed.