About the Bible Quiz Program

Since 2010, Hebron Ministries has challenged its youth to engage in the Bible Quiz program, a project that encourages and helps participants attain a mastery of quoting Scripture from memory. Quizzers from ages 13 to 21 who have participated from the start of the program have memorized more than seven books of the Bible, covering 62 chapters and over 1,800 verses in all!

Considering the fact that these young people do not only memorize extended Scripture portions, but also rehearse and retain them in their memory for the year-long Bible Quiz season, engagement in this ministry is no small undertaking. The content of the memorization material creates a basis for understanding God’s Word and His plans for each life. 

However, the memorization accomplishment is only the first of many blessings for participants and their churches. In a survey, it was found that of the peoplewho spend at least three consecutive years competing in a Bible quiz program, 90% do not leave the church, and of the 10% who do leave, 70% eventually return.

The impact of these numbers goes beyond mere church membership retention. In a society that is increasingly deteriorating, the Bible Quiz program encourages the development of church members that are deeply rooted in Scripture truths and sets a higher standard of morality and integrity. Ultimately, these church members will be God’s laborers who reach out and touch lives who suffer in a world of homelessness, unemployment, social disturbances, and dysfunctional relationships. The Bible describes the relationship between God’s Word and relief from the sins that result in a broken society. It says,

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11