The category of Novice Bible Quiz (NBQ) is only available in some regions of certain countries and is made up of quizzers ages 12–14. During the League Meets and the League Finals, the novices only compete within their category. After the League Final, the highest individual scores are considered to determine if a novice quizzer will be invited to form part of their church’s qualifying Teen Bible Quiz team to compete in the National Final.

The purpose of this category is to serve as a bridge between Junior Bible Quiz and Teen Bible Quiz. Quizzers in this category have the opportunity to compete with players who are on a similar level, and they have the opportunity to acquire skills that will help them later compete with older youth. If you are interested in the possibility of forming a novice team, contact your national or international coordinator.

Quizzers at this age have a great ability to memorize. It’s important to know how to direct this ability in a way that will edify their lives for eternity. A determining factor in their lives will be whether or not they acquire the understanding that knowing God and pleasing Him is the most important thing in life. How important it is to teach them from a young age!

During 2019, quizzers will memorize Proverbs chapter 1 to 11. Memorization of the Bible is an important step in the spiritual growth of every person, and through it they will receive a greater understanding of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

If your children have begun to participate for the first time in Bible Quiz, we assure you that the blessing will not be less than the challenge, and your whole household will receive an eternal blessing.